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people say it's not possible to be both smart and beautiful but you, my dear, prove them wrong <3

awww man you are a sweetheart! thank you :) i’d like to think that all people are both of these things but i think some people have a hard time seeing that sometimes (both when it comes to themselves and others) because they’re so busy looking for something too specific when maybe if they stopped searching for that one thing they would find so many other things. right? idk. you’re sweet. i hope you’re having a nice saturday

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All About You - Yung Sherman
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In 1986, a group of curious explorers discovered a cavity underneath the dry surface of the Kalahari desert. They looked into it and the cavern turned out to be filled with tons and tons of water. Water so incredibly still and clear, water that had never seen daylight. Since then, numerous divers have tried to determine the depth of this lake, but with no results. No one has ever gone deeper than three hundred feet, and nobody knows how deep it actually is.

How paradoxical, that all of this water is silently hiding while thirsty animals are eagerly searching for water just above it, in order to survive.

Reading about this reminded me of a certain kind of love. Love that hides under surfaces, love that people think have dried out like mud crumbling to dust and waiting to be spread by chilly afternoon breezes. Love that even you think has gone down the drain because it’s been a long time since you let it drip from your fingernails.

The kind of love that feels like stitches cracking and wounds being ripped open when you look at a random cashier’s hands five months later as he is handing you your change, noticing that his nails look like the ones that used to be entangled in your hair and realising that you never thought about the shape of his fingertips since, but that you never forget about them either. That it feels like yesterday. That everything is still hiding right under an easily breakable surface.

This is the kind of love you get when someone disappears from out of your life without a big bang, without any fiery arguments or doors slamming, leaving you to spend certain nights wondering what the fuck even happened. This is the kind of love you get when someone disappears from out of your life like water running through fingers, when you can’t stop it, when you can’t find out where the cup you formed with your hands is leaking.

A love that’s there and not there at the same time. Invisible but all too ubiquitous. Like a lake of its own whose bottom you’ll never be able to reach.

—— Dragon’s Breath Cave


remember the online magazine i told you i’d be writing for? it was launched the other day & so far they posted one of my writings that you can read here. from now on i’ll probably post links on my blog whenever they publish something i wrote (if any of you are interested that is? idk)


also it’s a really cool magazine over all, i hope you’ll like it!

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For the first time in my entire life, I feel like I want people to know who I am. I would bet you 90% of my entire graduating class has forgotten my existence. And I guess that's because basically nobody knew me. I always thought that that was because nobody wanted to know me (which isn't entirely untrue) but I definitely gave off this horrid vibe of not wanting to be approached or looked at. I think i'm changing that, and it feels great. I don't know who I am, but it's better than being nobody.

Yes! Yes yes yes! I am so happy for you. Feeling like letting people see new parts of you (or parts of you at all) is such a beautiful thing, not just for others but for yourself & I hope you always hold onto this :) (also, just for the record, you never ever were nobody and I’m sure more people than you think will remember your face and name because people aren’t as forgettable as they think they are). 

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Is English your first language?

Nope c: Danish is!

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when you're in the group but not really in the group? you know that feeling. yeah that feeling suck. but sometimes it's important not to be in any group and let people come to you, when they want to. you really can't get into a group of friends. period. you can hang with them everyday every night, but you'll always have yourself when you get home. I think that's important to know; that it's totally okay to not be in some cool friend group. be your own group. thank you. goodnight.

Amazing. Thank YOU. I think we all needed to read this!