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Anonymous inquired I love the way you answer questions. It's so clear and understanding , gives us exactly what we wanted to know.

i’m so glad you feel this way c: thank you for liking it and for telling me, you’re awesome!

Anonymous inquired I was with my roommate and her brothers today and one of them recently broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years, he was going to propose to her, but decided that he didn't have time for the relationship anymore and it wasn't fair to either of them. He stands by his decision but he's really sad about it. I feel really bad for him, and I realized today that he might be the most sensitive guy I've ever known. It's adorable and restores my faith in males in general.

hi you! it’s so lovely that you know someone who makes you see the good in others too, he must be very special. it must have been hard for him to make that decision, i don’t think i could have done it myself if i was so devoted to that person c: but i hope he’s gonna be okay, at least now he’ll have time to fully concentrate on whatever it is that he does! :)

Anonymous inquired i smile and laugh a lot because i'm empty on the inside. The sky is dark tonight and i can't see the stars because i live in the city, but whenever i go to the country side it's just magnificent

nobody is empty on the inside, not even you :) you’ve probably just got so much going on that you don’t know where to start. you should write a letter for no one! i do that sometimes. i don’t know why. it’s kind of nice. going to the countryside sounds very lovely, it’s definitely nice to get away from the city sometimes. the air feels healthier in your lungs and everything, right? :D

Anonymous inquired hi! my day was kind of sad. I thought a lot about my recent breakup. I don't know why, I haven't been this sad about him since we broke up. I miss having someone. I've never been close to anyone before him. It'll be okay though! the sky is light light blue just about to turn into sunset, which is nice :)

it will definitely be okay, if you want it to it will be, you know :) but being sad is kind of a good thing too, isn’t it? that just means it meant something to you. and if it didn’t it wouldn’t have been a good investment of your time :p i hate it when i sound like such a know-it-all, i’m sorry haha. i don’t mean to. i mess everything up myself. but it’s okay :) i hope you enjoy the sunset! :D

Anonymous inquired I felt liked I was missing something this morning apart of me felt gone. Then slowly through out the day till dusk. I became whole knowing I have everything I've ever needed. You are your own blessing or your own enemy. It's just up to you to decide.

this is very beautiful and i agree with you c: we are probably a lot more in control of our moods and emotions than we think we are. which is nice to think about :)

Anonymous inquired hi the sky is clear blue where i live :) this morning my dad and i hid Easter eggs outside for my little brother to find and i played outside with my dog. my cat ended up coming outside too, i guess he wanted to join in on the fun haha he's a cutie. so i had to get him out from under our porch. then the rest of my family went to go visit my family and i stayed home with my mom because she's injured and we watched a movie and ranted about things that ikr us. how was your day, love?

hi :) aw omg. you have a cat AND a dog, i’m kind of very jealous haha :o sounds like a lovely day though! especially the watching a movie with your mum part :)
my mum went to visit her family and my dad went to visit his and they both asked me to come but i said no to both of them because i really needed to be alone, so i’ve had a very lovely, sunny, selfish, music-filled, people-less day :p

Anonymous inquired do you mind if any of your followers on here follow you on instagram? i just don't want to make you uncomfortable by following you on there if it's a personal account.

i don’t mind at all :) i just like to have an idea who sees my pictures, so that’s why i made it personal haha. but feel free to follow me, i’d love for you to do that :)

Anonymous inquired my nights sky is navy. or black. i'm close to you. and other people at the moment. i've been invited to a party by a guy who touched my legs alot at a former party. he's sweet. not my type. i'm new to this. i'm scared. but free.

i know you, don’t i? i feel like i might know who you are. the sky is all black here but you’re probably closer to the city (if you are who you think i am) so maybe that’s why. some guys put their hands on your thighs like it’s nothing and it’s so awkward, i hate having to remove them because they usually get offended. i hope you’re having a good time. maybe one day we can go to a party together :p

Anonymous inquired the sky is really dark over here, with little stars :) and today i had my first driving lessons, a little barbecue and then i went to visit my grandmother.. poductive day yay! how was your day?

that sounds like a lovely day! was the driving lesson scary? i was so scared haha. the sky is black here, too :) my day was very nice, i spent most of it cleaning and rearranging things and organising my clothes and also enjoying the weather! someone was barbecuing today and i could smell it through my window and i know it’s weird because the food wasn’t for me but it made me feel kind of happy. there’s something soothing about that smell.