i miss nonamesareleft

this warms my little heart <3 i love j-boychuk and i’m going to blog more from now on, i promise!!! 

i feel like talking about vacations

the other day i realised that some of the cities i have visited multiple times are cities i’ve only visited at certain times of the year. like paris, for example. i’ve only ever been there in the summer and one time in spring. london i’ve never experienced in summer or spring, only late fall or winter. i think the weather impacts the way you feel overall when you’re somewhere and also the feeling you get when you think back on what being there was like. i can’t think of paris without remembering what it’s like to constantly be all sweaty and blinded by the sun or the smell of hot asphalt in a city filled with cars or the hot summer nights where you can walk around outside without wearing any extra clothes. and i can’t think of london without remembering the smell of cold air and hiding my cold fingers in my pockets because i’m an impractical weirdo who hates wearing mittens. speaking of vacations and reminders, i have this mango lip balm that i used when i was in rome, i was only there for around a week and i’ve only been there that one time and i don’t think i ever used the lip balm after i got back home, so whenever i find it in my closet and try it on i feel like i’m back there and like it’s cold and rainy and i’m feeling lost because i don’t understand a freaking word anyone is saying or the culture for that matter. i don’t know why but i felt like rome was hard for me to fit into the same way i feel like a part of where i am when i’m somewhere else where i understand the language they speak. when you don’t understand what people are saying and how they express themselves you just can’t be a part of their world and i think that’s a fact. that’s also why i don’t get how some people can move to a different country and live there for years without socialising with locals and/or learning how to speak the language. i would feel like i was knocking on a door and never really being let in

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Anonymous asked:
Man I read all of your text posts, seriously. No need to delete them c:

Ey! Aw thank you!!! I’m glad you’re interested in me :D You’re lovely. <3

i’m getting real tired of all these rejections

i made another blog

i still want to follow more blogs similar to it so please tell me if your blog is :) (:

Anonymous asked:
so, to your latest post. Some girls from my class wanted to know what people talk about when they're not there, so since they asked, we told them, but obviously in sweetened versions. Then the next night at a party, they suddenly started again! And this time they told ppl who didn't even want to know. Me. Like they basically started insulting me and my personality and I ended up going to the bathroom and crying for an eternity. People are rude and the worst part is that these girls are all 18.

i’m sorry you had to listen to them talking shit about you, nobody needs that in their lives, it’s so unnecessary! fuck people who make you cry in bathrooms man, you’re awesome!! girls really need to stop being so hard on each other and acting like there’s some kind of competition when there isn’t. 

the other day i came across that post on my dash saying “i wonder how people describe me when i’m not there” or something like that and it made me realise that even though it’s not something i’ve ever really given much thought to it’s not something that i want to know
because what if it’s negative or something
and what should i do with that information anyway
so today this girl at work told me that a man who works there too but in another department had asked for me and since there is another girl with the same name as me she’d replied with “which one of them” and he’d said “the one with the long black hair” and that’s weird because the other girl with my name has long black hair too
i guess that’s not the worst way to be described though? long black hair. idk.
i don’t think of my hair as long atm though i want it to grow faster so that’s alright
also i have no idea why he asked for me. i walked past him 92 times this afternoon and he didn’t say anything
people are strange
the fact that people actually do talk about you when you’re not there is actually kind of weird and oddly surprising
i don’t think i will ever like it
like i want to exist to people when i’m in front of them but when i’m not i don’t want them to still think about me. i just want to be completely neutral. and not be talked about. eh (・ω・)ノ

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