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I feel like i'll always be the friend, and never the girlfriend. Or the hook-up, and never the lover.

you can be whatever you want to! often it’s all about how the people you choose to hang out with are capable of making you feel about yourself. besides, if you want to be more than a hook-up, like a lover or a girlfriend, i think being a good friend is a great place to start. you know?

it’s almost as if you have to hold your breath or toughen up when you walk out into the real world, do you know what i mean? you can’t feel everything so intensely and you can’t dwell on things that don’t matter when it counts. small things are small for a reason and you shouldn’t stretch them, just like how invisible things are invisible for a reason so that we can pretend like they don’t exist for as long as we can get away with it and then we can deal with them if we end up with no other options. the world feels so rough around the edges sometimes but i don’t believe people really are. i just think most people tend to feel like they have to pretend to be less than what they are but it gets so empty in the long run, it feels like having to shorten an essay without leaving anything of importance out except everything is of importance and everything is entangled in each other. maybe there’s an infinite amount of space for your personality out there. maybe you don’t have to make room for others by shrinking yourself

i often feel like talking about things, too many things that have got nothing to do with each other, things that in themselves are too small or insignificant to be made into actual stories with points or even beginnings and endings, they’d be more like random sentences sewn together about something still standing or maybe something taking place over a very short period of time, like tiny observations that somehow touch me enough to want to mention them over & over again or things i can imagine happening because i want them to happen so badly

and it makes me wonder if there really is such a big difference between wanting something to happen & wanting something to happen again. both are just ways of longing for something

i also often wonder if it would be possible to do with words what photographers do with photos, like capturing moments and talking about them without really saying anything about them. but maybe there are just certain things that photos can do that words can’t (and the other way around, too). maybe photos are too exact and being too exact with words can seem so painful in a weird way

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I got a new laptop and your blog looks fab on it. Everything does. It's amazing. I have never loved an inanimate object more than this.

Thanks! Congrats on the laptop :D It’s nice that you love it, especially since you probably spent a lot of money on it :) I BET YOUR REFLECTION LOOKS FAB IN IT TOO (that was so cheesy)

it sometimes makes me sad that you guys don’t understand my first language

i like using english as well and all that but my first language is just me. you know? like that is actually who i am, that’s the language i use every day from i wake up till i go to bed and i feel like i can’t take that out of me and i can’t pretend like it’s not there. i think languages matter a lot because they actually define the way you think whether you want it or not and it sucks that there’s this huge invisible wall between me and everybody who doesn’t speak my first language

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I wish I could be a kid again. Back when the universe wasn't trying to make me miserable.

it isn’t trying to make you miserable! it’s trying to make you grow and become the best and biggest version of yourself you can be. growing up is like unfolding and unfolding and unfolding and it feels a little bit odd sometimes. today i walk past a playground i used to play on when i was a kid and i felt like the things that had happened right where i was standing had happened in a different world or in a different life, like i almost couldn’t believe that the way i used to act and feel was the exact same person that i am. maybe it wasn’t even. i saw myself from my 6 year old self’s point of view and i couldn’t recognise me as a “future self” but this is only good. i’m actually so proud of myself for having grown up and been through everything that i have and i love being able to decide over myself now, i love love love love it and i hope you will too, growing older is the most beautiful thing that could happen to anyone

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